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TPU fluff paint paint

TPU fluff paint paint

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  • release date:2021-10-07 18:02:15
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Details of TPU fluff paint paint

TPU fluff paint paint use: printing, spraying

TPU fluff paint paint use: TPU material, polyurethane material, PU material

TPU fluff paint paint characteristics: good adhesion, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, washing resistance, yellowing resistance, etc.

Thinner use: cyclohexanone, medium dry water

Hardener use: In order to strengthen the comprehensive performance and stability, 20% TPU hardener is applied

TPU operating instructions:

Due to TPU material

There are release agents or grease on the surface, so it needs to be thoroughly cleaned with TPU treatment agent to ensure ink adhesion. The inks of all colors provided by our factory are high in concentration. The paint is matched according to the color card, and the concentration should be diluted to Spray or print directly after proper concentration

Add hardener

In the case that the factory provides high-concentration paint, it depends on the situation. If you do a bending test, you will add less, and if you do a wear test, you will add more.


It is recommended that the operator fully stir it evenly before taking the diluted ink, so as to avoid color separation caused by long-term storage, and sedimentation will affect the color difference

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