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What kind of craftsmanship does UV gloss oil have?

2021-07-21 05:39:18

UV gloss oil is also a common adhesion modifier in the spraying field. It has a key effect in the surface spraying of plastic materials and the processing of viscose. It improves the surface adhesion characteristics of the sheet after the primer, and improves the adhesion. All the spraying processes have auxiliary treatments for the problems of paint peeling or adhesive opening due to adhesion problems. Therefore, for different materials, different UV gloss oils, the effects are the primary purpose of improving adhesion.

The excellent coating quality in the plastic spraying process can give full play to the protective effect of the paint and the appearance decoration planning effect. Once the adhesion between the paint coating and the center of the plate is insufficient, the effect and effect will not be guaranteed. We are all over the poor spraying caused by poor adhesion. The specific manifestations are: paint falling, paint falling, failure in the 100 grid test or failure in the water blanching test.

There are many factors that damage the adhesion of spraying. After the practical activities of spraying and the work experience in the field, the key reason for the paint is difficult to paint and the paint is peeled off is the surface degreasing and poor adhesion of the substrate. The main problem of oil stains is that plastic parts are often stained with oil stains, hand sweats and release agents, which will reduce the adhesion of architectural coatings, cracking, blistering and falling of the coating. Therefore, it was necessary to carry out spraying. Oil treatment, the general treatment method is to scrub with ethanol or white electric oil.

UV varnish is an adhesion modifier that assists in improving the adhesion between paint and plastic sheets. Its basic principle and application are based on the basic theories of adhesion, such as the effect of molecular structure, the fusion of mechanical equipment, and ionic bonding. In addition, because of the different plastic substrates, Jiongsheng UV gloss oil also has various types, such as PPUV gloss oil, polyester UV gloss oil, TR90 modifier, and PEI modifier. However, no matter what kind of UV varnish, it is based on the primer method, the effect is on the surface of the substrate, and the other has the effect of connecting with the paint, promoting the paint or super glue to be firmly integrated with the substrate, and the treatment is attached. Potential safety hazards for spraying or viscose caused by poor focus.

The problem of paint peeling due to the adhesion of the substrate is mainly because the plastic sheet, such as PP plastic, belongs to the non-polar substrate, and the grain size is high and the appearance is low, so the appearance of the adhesion is weak, and the oil pump cannot be oiled during production and processing. . UV varnish is widely used and effective to deal with the problem of plastic spraying or adhesive peeling.