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UV bright oil coating process

2021-07-21 05:39:18

The finishing level of the UV gloss oil surface seriously damages the adhesion of the spray paint layer. The residual or absorbed water, oil stains and dirt on the surface of the product are not clean, usually resulting in pinholes, loops, peeling or poor fusion. And other common faults.

Insufficient and incomplete oil-water separators in the compressed air used for spray painting will cause excessive amounts of water and oil in the compressed air, which will inevitably damage the quality of the spray paint coating film and cause various common faults and shortcomings. Therefore, perseverance and punctual removal of the filter material in the oil-water separator replacement equipment, and adherence to the compressed air clean and quiet, are beneficial to improving the performance of the spray paint layer.

The temperature and environmental humidity of the spray paint production and processing on the spot have significant damage to the quality of the spray paint coating film. It should be noted that the temperature of the spray paint construction site should be in the range of 10 to 30 ℃, and the air humidity should not exceed 80%. The construction site must adhere to daily cleaning, cleanliness and order.

If the temperature is too high and the air humidity is high, the coating spray paint layer is easy to whiten, showing orange peel, etc., while the temperature is too low, the paint layer is easy to flow, and the quality of the coating on the surface of the UV gloss oil is not good.

The actual operation of spray painting on the surface of UV gloss oil generally chooses gas spray painting. Pay attention to insist that the distance between the spray gun and the surface to be sprayed is in the range of 200-300mm, and the compressed air working pressure is operated at 2 to 4kg/c㎡, so that the quality of the spray paint can be reasonably ensured.