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Regarding the performance requirements and construction precautions of UV gloss oil

2021-07-21 05:39:18

Introduction of UV gloss oil

The exterior wall paint is made of acrylic elastic emulsion and titanium dioxide additives. In addition to the functions of conventional high-grade exterior wall latex paint, the coating has excellent elasticity, so it can give the coating continuous decoration and waterproof functions. Because of the use of new materials, the coating has outstanding stain resistance, breathability and adhesion.

UV bright oil classification

There are many types of exterior wall coatings, which can be divided into strong acid and alkali resistant exterior wall coatings, organic silicon self-cleaning water-resistant exterior wall coatings, pure acrylic UV varnish, silicone self-cleaning UV varnish, high-grade acrylic exterior wall coatings, fluorocarbon Coatings, highly weather-resistant and water-repellent topcoats, acrylic oil-based topcoats, water-based metallic paints, etc.

UV varnish function requirements

1. Good decoration: The exterior wall paint is required to be rich in color and color retention, so that it can maintain the original decoration function for a long time.

2. Good weather resistance: exterior wall paint, because the coating is exposed to the atmosphere, it must be exposed to the effects of wind, sun, salt spray corrosion, rain, cold and heat changes, etc., under the long-term repeated action of these external natural environments , The coating is prone to cracking, chalking, peeling, discoloration, etc., which makes the coating lose its original decoration protection function. Therefore, it is required that the exterior wall is within the service life of the rule, and the coating should not be damaged as described above.

3. Good stain resistance: Because the environmental conditions in different regions of our country are quite different, as for some cities where heavy industry and mining are prosperous, because there are more dust and other suspended substances in the atmosphere, the easily stained coating will lose the original decoration And then affect the surface of the building. Therefore, the exterior wall paint should have good stain resistance, so that the coating is not easy to be contaminated or easy to clean after contamination.

4. Good water resistance: The exterior wall paint finish is exposed to the atmosphere and will often be washed by rain. Therefore, the exterior wall paint coating should have better water resistance.

5. Good mildew resistance: exterior wall paint finishes are prone to mildew in a humid environment. Therefore, the coating is required to restrain the growth of mold and algae.

In addition, according to the different functional requirements of the plan, higher requirements are also put forward for exterior wall coatings: such as coatings used in various exterior wall insulation systems, the exterior wall coatings are required to have better elastic elongation to better get used to it. The surface layer is cracked due to the deformation of the bottom layer, which can cover the small cracks in the bottom layer; the exterior wall coating for the anti-aluminum-plastic board decoration should also have a better metallic texture and long outdoor durability.