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How to make UV gloss oil achieve high-quality feel

2021-07-21 05:39:18

The UV gloss oil we use meets the environmental protection requirements, and we can make the board first. In spraying UV gloss oil, we have a unique production method and have the ability and experience to produce large-scale products. When spraying, the texture is uniform and the effect is remarkable, and you can achieve the desired effect.

The UV gloss oil we use has a good hand feel. The sprayed products have special soft touch and high elasticity, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, scratch resistance, super adhesion and other advantages. In terms of hand feel, there are thick and smooth types, which can be distributed according to different requirements. Whether in terms of adhesion or hand feel, it is superior to most rubber oil products on the market. It is attributed to the medium and high-level UV gloss oil. The quality is guaranteed. Trust our UV gloss oil to meet your hand feeling requirements.

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