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What are the ingredients of UV gloss oil

2021-07-21 05:39:18

The main film-forming substance of UV gloss oil is a resin emulsion synthesized by elastic polyacrylic acid. Its effect is to bond the other parts of the paint into a whole. When the coating is dry and hardened, it can be attached to the surface of the coated base layer, and can form a uniform, continuous and tough elastic protective film.

Whether the coating film is elastic or not is primarily determined by the structure and composition of the polyacrylic resin. This kind of resin macromolecule is highly curled, and the molecular force is relatively weak, and it is easy to deform under the effect of external force. After the external force is removed, the deformation will disappear, so it will show flexibility. Usually this kind of emulsion can be cross-linked by itself, has good stain resistance, and is an ideal base material for latex coating of elastic exterior walls.

UV bright oil

Pigments and fillers in the coating can not only make the coating have a certain concealment ability and appear beautiful colors, but also can strengthen the strength of the coating film itself; the pigments and fillers also have the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays from penetrating. It can improve the aging resistance and weather resistance of the coating. In water-based liquid construction paint, water is a dispersive medium. After the paint is applied to the object, it will gradually become dry and hardened due to the evaporation of water. Then form a uniform successive UV gloss.

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