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A brief introduction of UV gloss oil

2021-07-21 05:39:18

UV gloss oil is also called UV gloss paint. It is generally sprayed on the surface of the object, presenting a matte or semi-matte condition, with a delicate and smooth hand feeling, and a more elegant and serious appearance. UV gloss oil has good scratch resistance, weather resistance and abrasion resistance. It meets the requirements of green environmental protection, and it has no harm to the human body. The adhesion of the product is better. And it can cover up the blemishes or water marks that are usually present in injection molding.

The application fields of UV bright oil are as follows: in sports device products, binoculars, decoration boxes, communication products, telephones, audio-visual products, MP3, daily necessities, mobile phone shells, decorations, computer peripheral products, beauty devices, cameras, leisure Entertainment products, game console handles, car interior decoration, microphones, craft gifts, cosmetic brush handles and household appliances products, hair dryers, sports devices, mice, keyboards, electrical product shells, etc. UV gloss oil is mainly suitable for spraying various plastic electronics, metal, wood and other surfaces.

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