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Matters needing attention in UV varnish touch-up

2021-07-21 05:39:18

The main components of UV bright oil are pigments, fillers, water, additives and main film-forming substances. Let's take a look at the three ingredients of pigments, fillers, water and additives!

1. Pigment and filler

Pigments and fillers in the coating can not only make the coating have a certain hiding ability and show a certain color, but also enhance the strength of the coating film itself. The pigments and fillers also have the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays from penetrating. It can improve the aging resistance and weather resistance of the coating.

2. Water

In the water-based liquid building paint, water is the dispersing medium. After the paint is applied to the bottom layer, relying on the evaporation of water, the paint will gradually dry and harden, and then form a uniform continuous elastic coating film.

3. Additives

Improve the function of paint and film. It is a few percent, a few thousandths, or even a few ten thousandths of the total amount of paint, but the effect is very obvious.

UV bright oil

The process of UV varnish repair coating is as follows:

1. Reshape and trim the raised parts.

2. Use detergent to clean the wax, grease, silicone and other substances on the surface of the entire part.

3. Use sandpaper to thin the deformed or repaired putty area, then suck up the dust, and wipe it clean with a sticky cloth.

4. Special primer or special primer for spraying (should be based on the type of primer recommended by the paint factory, and the mixing proportion and additives should be allocated).

It should be noted here that the thinner used is better to use a fast-evaporating thinner, and the coating should not be too wet when spraying. Because the bare flexible plastic or flexible putty simply swells after absorbing the diluent, the repair area becomes obvious.

5. When it is dry, it should be at least 1 hour, and sand it with sandpaper to achieve the feeling that the appearance of the whole part is dull.

6. Blow off the polished dust, wipe it off, and wipe it off with a sticky cloth.

7. Spray topcoat, natural color or metallic flash color (single layer or double coating), the topcoat spraying process is the same as that of metal coating.

8. Dry it.